MCT Oil has everything to do with the gut and proper digestion. We all know that what we choose to put into our bodies makes or breaks us.

MCT is a healthy fat that is quickly broken down in our digestive system. There are a lot of upsides to including this in our products, but I’ll touch on possibly the biggest benefit first. MCT oil helps to create balance within the gut that reverses short-term and long-term damage from a variety of issues, such as GERD, leaky-gut syndrome, Crohn's disease, and many more.

If you struggle with auto-immune disease, this balance can help reverse the chronic symptoms that make you feel as if there’s a deep, dark cloud right in you most of the time, especially around meals. A healthy gut also impacts mental wellness (which is huge), improves metabolism, and sustains energy for our bodies and brain.

August 12, 2019